Resource: Music Industry Statistics 2011

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Selling your music is very much about understanding your music market: who they are and how they behave. Did you know these facts about the music-buying youths in South East Asia?

People Having Fun During a Concert (c) are:

  • Born in 1980s onwards
  • Between the ages of 18-29
  • Main music consumer (purchaser and/or listener), a trend that is observed worldwide as well as in ASEAN with 63% describing themselves as passionate about music.
  • Embrace multiple modes of self-expression: online, offline, visual, spatial, copy, installation, movement. [Photo source (c) camuna]

Their profile:

  • 75% have at least one social networking site.
  • 1 out of 5 have posted videos online.
  • 88% uses mobile phones to text.
  • 54% believes technology brings family and friends closer; with 62% using wireless technology.
  • 41% have voted for contestants on televised talent competitions.
  • 16% of their income is spent on music; which is third after food (40%) and paying mobile phone bills (21%), and ranks higher than film, video games and sports.

In the last 24 hours:

  • 34% watched a video online
  • 32% updated their online profile or posted a message
  • 28% played video game
  • 56% sent or received an email
  • 85% listened to music

In the last month:

  • 64% watched music videos (TV, online & mobile)
  • 21% stream music directly from 0nline sites (Spotify, MySpace)
  • 8% paid for mobile music apps
  • 12% paid to download full music track from online or mobile stores

In the last 365 days:

  • 42% attended a live concert
  • 16% bought a live tour/concert DVD
  • 16% bought ringtones/wallpaper via mobile phones
  • 11% bought a music/artist merchandise


(source: International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)

13 million

Tracks licensed by record companies to digital music services

USD4.6 billion

Trade value of the digital music market worldwide

USD5 billion

The estimated amount record companies invested in artists in 2009


Worldwide music industry revenues


is from mobile


is from online


is from physical sales


Worldwide concert ticket revenues


Licensed digital music services worldwide


Growth of global digital music revenues in 2010


The proportion of record companies’ global revenues from digital channels


The increase in the value of the digital music market 2004-10


The percentage of their revenues record companies invest on A&R and marketing


The decline in the value of the global recorded music industry 2004-10


estimated fall in debut album unit sales in the global top 50 2003-2010


The fall in revenues of the global top tours in 2010


of industry revenue today is digital


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